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As the well-known phrase affirms, you cannot take it with you when you go. Although, with strategic financial planning, your legacy can live on.

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Price Mann Probate Services proactively monitor changes in financial regulations and legislation. This means that in line with our estate planning advice, you can structure your affairs in order to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Moreover, this can be completed in the most tax-efficient way, securing the future of your loved ones and reducing their added stress. 

Estate Planning Guidance

Although estate planning may not be at the top of your list, getting things in order can make a world of difference when the unthinkable happens.

Whatever the value of your assets, Price Mann Probate Services guide you through the entire process of estate planning. Our services include:

  • Will making and secure document storage
  • Beneficiary and taxation advice
  • Understanding, evaluating and minimising inheritance tax
  • Inheritance tax implications and consequences
  • Deeds of variation, restructuring pre-existing wills and trusts
  • Incorporating trusts within your will
  • Succession planning for small businesses and the self-employed

Once your estate plan is finalised and as circumstances in life inevitably change, it is good practice to review it every few years. This ensures your plan is relevant and up to date.


Although the laws and taxation surrounding them are complex, trusts are a good way to manage and protect your assets. There are many different types of trusts available, for example, you may want your beneficiaries to inherit when they reach a certain age, or immediately following your death. Alternatively, you may prefer a trust that provides an income on assets.

Price Mann Probate Services deliver prudent advice on setting up trusts and incorporating them into your will. We help you to choose the trust most suited to your needs and circumstances.

Because tomorrow is never promised, establishing trusts and implementing estate planning can provide your loved ones with the secure financial future they deserve.

Contact us today to arrange your initial estate and trust planning consultation. Our advice is confidential and carries no obligation to use our services.