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Traditionally a subject excluded from everyday conversation, most of us are uncomfortable with death and dying. Furthermore, the loss of a loved one is generally a distressing, confusing and painful experience.

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Although we cannot negate your emotional suffering, Price Mann Probate Services are perfectly placed to complete the process of probate on your behalf. Protecting your loved one’s legacy and helping to relieve your additional pressure, we comprise an expert team of chartered accountants, tax advisors and probate professionals.

Legal Process of Probate

At such an overwhelmingly sad time, matters are often exasperated by convoluted legal processes and associated paperwork. Particularly, when we consider that registering the death of a loved one and arranging the funeral are only the very beginnings of the practicalities involved.

Regardless of whether your loved one left a will or not, in England and Wales, probate is a part of the legal process surrounding a death. It involves organising and distributing your loved one’s estate—their property, assets and possessions.

This process includes applying for probate to become a personal representative, which gives you the right to deal with their estate.

Alongside ensuring that your loved one’s estate is distributed according to their wishes, the legal process of probate also ensures:

  • All relevant taxes are calculated and paid
  • Outstanding payment of monies owing to creditors
  • Any payments owing by debtors are collected

Coping with your loss, dealing with the practicalities and unlocking all of the assets in your loved one’s estate, can simply become overwhelming.

Established for 40 years, our solid reputation for trust precedes us. Providing a personalised, cost-effective and confidential service, we eliminate jargon and make your life that little bit easier.

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