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As you are probably already aware, HMRC is set to increase tax revenues. As a result, they have significantly increased the number of tax investigations that they perform. Representing residents, non-residents and corporate clients, Price Mann are incredibly adept and experienced at handling the most complex and convoluted tax enquiries and investigations. 

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HMRC enquiries and tax investigations regarding both individual and company tax affairs can be a very intrusive, anxious and unsettling experience. Our expert help secures a successful resolution and ensures the best possible outcome. 

We work with you to ascertain the facts, before supporting and advising you at every stage of your tax enquiry or tax investigation. Reassuringly, in the event that an HMRC meeting is unavoidable, we will attend this with you, alongside managing the enquiry and answering all queries on your behalf. 

Tax enquiries and investigations can revolve around any aspect of your personal and business activities. Moreover, HM Revenue and Customs officers have the power to visit your premises and review your business records, such as and for example, PAYE/NIC/CIS/VAT information. Price Mann support and advise you on all areas of tax enquiries and investigations including: 

  • Unannounced HMRC visits
  • VAT and VAT inspections
  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Inheritance tax
  • Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF) Code of Practice 9 (COP 9)

The latter tax investigation, COP 9, is often the most disconcerting. This is where HM Revenue and Customs suspect fraud or tax avoidance. Rest assured that Price Mann have extensive experience in handling these types of investigations.

We provide a timely service and vital expertise in order to help resolve all tax enquiries and investigations as quickly as possible and minimise your additional stress.
Furthermore, we also deal with worldwide disclosures for a tax liability that relates wholly or in part to an offshore issue. We can also help you with HMRC campaigns, such as the Let Property Campaign. 
Fee Protection
Alongside tax enquiries hitting record levels, most are also becoming increasingly complex. In respect to professional fees and your time away from your business, tax investigations and enquiries can still result in financial losses. This applies even if no additional tax demands are made; the costs incurred to defend you may soon add up.
To relieve this anxiety, we offer our clients the opportunity to financially protect themselves against any future tax investigations. This service, supplied through one of our partners, covers the cost of our professional fees from the first instance that we respond on your behalf to an HMRC investigation. The service is backed by an insurance policy under which we can claim the costs of defending you.
If you require more information about tax enquiries, tax investigations or fee protection contact us.